Trudeau pulls way ahead of Harper

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The latest Frank Graves poll shows Justin Trudeau’s Liberals way ahead of Stephen Harper and his Conservatives by a score of 36.3 % to 26.1 %.

That’s a 10-point lead for Trudeau, as big a lead as Harper had over Michael Ignatieff in 2011, and we all know what happened to him.

No wonder Harper is desperately trying to find some issue this week to restore the lead he once had.

The poll shows the NDP in third place position with 24.9 %. That’s less than two points behind the Conservatives who could slip down into third place.

The Graves poll is the first to come out since the latest round of corruption in the Conservative Senate.

The Conservatives might be wise to crank up their slime machine and attack Graves professionally if they don’t want voters to latch on permanently to the image of Trudeau as a genuine winner.

The Liberals pulled ahead because of Justin Trudeau’s popularity while the Conservatives dropped like a rock because of the public’s dislike of Senate corruption and the way Harper is running the country.

The poll shows that almost two-in-three voters disapprove of the job Harper is doing as prime minister.

When Trudeau became Liberal leader, the Conservative spin machine predicted Trudeau would melt like snow in July.

It wasn’t the case. Trudeau is seen now as capable of providing strong, stable leadership.  He is anything but a flash in the sky. . . or snow on the ground.

Though the 2015 general election is still far away, the Conservatives need something – almost anything right now – to regain the solid, stable support they once had, and to be seen once again as good leaders.

Less than one-in-three respondents polled by the Graves organization last week approved of the direction the Harper government is taking.

It used to be said of Harper that he might be colorless and mean, but at least he knew what he was doing. In this latest poll only 37 per cent say that national direction of the government is on track.

This week’s Speech from the Throne might be an excellent chance for Harper to get back into the race before he loses any more ground to “Mr. Middle Class” Justin Trudeau. The race down to the 2015 wire has begun in earnest.



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