No spy bugs here says National Defence

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Oh yes, they’re everywhere says CSIS

A fight has broken out between the Ministry of Defence and our spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Defence says they’ve looked carefully and there are no hidden Chinese spy microphones anywhere inside the future site of National Defence. Nothing to worry about.

Our spy agency says exactly the opposite. The Nortel installations were “penetrated” 10 years ago by Chinese «hackers" to pick up industrial secrets in the headquarters of high tech Nortel.

Why take chances ask the CSIS people?

Wouldn’t it be better for the Ministry of Defence to go elsewhere and leave the Nortel buildings to another government department that has fewer secrets.

Last year CSIS Director Richard Fadden accused China of spying on Canada. It cost him his job.

Stephen Harper moved him over to deputy minister of National Defence.Talk about jumping the fence to the other side.

The federal government paid $209 for the Nortel site. That was a bargain.

But then Harper soon found out it would cost another $790 million to remove the Chinese spy bugs from the buildings. That's if there are any in there.

Last year Nortel technicians said that over the years they had found all kinds of hidden spy devices in Nortel computers.

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, an expert in the field, formerly with CSIS, reportedly said : "We knew the security (of the Nortel buildings) had been pentetrated."

Worse, the Wall Street Journal, that clarion of the American Business Right, reported last year with great certainty, that Chinese spies had used stolen passswords from Nortel employees to obtain industrial secrets from Nortel for the past 10 years.

Nortel filed for bankruptcy in 2009, largely a victim of what the company had lost to spies.

We still do not know if Harper will go ahead and move National Defence into the old Nortel buildings.




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