Harper patrol boat costs keep going up

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At that price they had better float

Like the F-35...



Three years ago Prime Minister Stephen Harper got it into his head that we needed more military patrol boats for  the Far North the kind that don’t end up stuck in the ice.

That's when Harper has decided to spend $ 3 billion for four or five beautiful new boats. He gave the preparation contract to Irving Shipbuilding Inc. of Saint John, New Brunswick.

No question of giving such a plum contract to Davie Shipbuilding of Lévis, Québec.

Now we learn that just drawing up the plans to start building boats has cost us $ 288 million.

An independent consulting firm, International Marine Consultants Vancouver Harper warned in March that we could have had a complete patrol boat built for  $ 200 million in the United States, not just preparation plans for building one.  


Instead of following the advice from the consulting firm, the Harper government ignored it and two days later went ahead and signed the construction contract with Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

What’s the use of hiring your own independent consultants if you ignore their advice and turn around and sign the contract they warned you about? 

In Canada, that’s how we spend our money on military equipment contracts that cost us an arm and leg.

And we wonder why our military budget climbed from $14 billion a year to $ 21 billion a year after Harper came to power.


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