Senator Mac Harb leaves unexpectedly

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He paid back much more than expected

What he\'s up to?

We lost another senator this past week.

Mac Harb, a Liberal senator, left after 10 years in the Senate and 13 years before that in the House of Commons.

His departure wraps up a scandal that goes back to the spring. He was the only liberal in one of four senators caught up in a Senate expenses' scandal over living allowances, travel and accommodation.

The others still under investigation are all conservatives - Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, and Patrick Brazeau. All were appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper who had said he would never appoint unelected senators.

Harb left the Liberal caucus in full controversy last May to sit as an independent as the Senate scandal broke wide open. He hired a lawyer to defend himself against charges of pocketing funds from the Senate to which he was not entitled.

Harb had paid back $ 51,482.90 to the Senate in July. But he was told after a thorough investigation by the Deloitte forensic accountants that he owed more.

To everyone's surprise, Harb who was prepared to fight in court, paid back another $180,166.17 - more than anyone thought he still owed- and announced that he no longer wants to fight in court.

In total that makes more than $231,000 he has given back to the Senate.

And then he said he's no longer going to be a senator. That prevents the Senate from throwing him out for taking money to which he was not entitled. It brings the 105-seat Senate membership down to 100 senators. There are five vacancies.

There is little reason to worry about Harb's financial future. Because he left voluntarily and was not pushed out, Harb will receive his full senate pension of $123,000 a year - fully indexed for the rest of his life.

He also owns five homes in the Ottawa area.


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Derniers commentaires

  • Dave B.
    30 août 2013 - 00:52

    When did this happen, all we heard about was Duffy and Wallin. He's given back $231,000? How much did he take? Why wasn't he booted out? Why wasn't this reported at all? This is more than the other two combined, yet very little coverage. Is he in jail? How is he still eligible for a pension? I feel EVERY Senator needs to be audited.

  • Paul Bazinet
    29 août 2013 - 13:26

    Le sénat devrait être aboli. C'est dégoûtant de voir tout ces vols qui se passent au sénat. Tout ce beau monde devrait être en prison.... C'est mon opinion