Harper was getting ready for war in Syria

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He wasn't the only one out to get Assad

Harper was preparing for war in Syria

Canada and 10 other countries were getting ready

We could have been at war in Syria next week.

There were 10 countries including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Canada who were preparing for war.

The Chief of Staff of the Canadian military, General Tom Lawson, was already in Amman, Jordan helping to plan the war.

A war against Syria would have been ideal for Harper who needs a military victory to make us forget the Conservative senate scandal before the next election rolls around in two years' time.

Bashar al-Assad killed more than 355 of his citizens using poison nerve gas, but the use of gas also sent a message to countries like Canada who would dare attack him.

But Harper was no fool. Chemical gas doesn't do much to Canadian F-18 jet fighters flying 10,000 feet above the ground.

Harper never intended to send ground troops to Syria.

Harper had talked tough at first  saying a "firm response" was needed to answer the nerve gas killings.   But things began changing rapidly on Wednesday.

Then came the big vote in the British Parliament on Thursday.

Prime Minister David Cameron had been all in favor of attacking Syria but he lost the Thursday vote in the British Commons 285 to 272. 

And as much as he wanted to punish Bashar Al-Assad, he didn't want to go against the vote in the British Parliament.  End of Britain's military attack plans against Syria.

That left Barack Obama alone to decide if he was ready to cross the line in the sand that he had drawn.

That's when Harper's attack plans turned into moral support for whoever is left to attack Syria.


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