Justin Trudeau steals the show from Harper

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He has his strategy and sticks to it

Justin Trudeau scored the political coup of the summer.

Every year Stephen Harper makes a trip the Great Canadian North to rack up political capital. He usually says all sorts of nasty things about the other political parties who usually don't have the backbone to stand up to him.

This year Harper went to Hay River, then on to King William Island before finishing up in Quebec.

This year things were different. Justin Trudeau stayed home and stole the show by ignoring Harper and setting his own agenda on Twitter.

Trudeau announced on his 'Twitter' site that he had installed a dimmer switch in his new home in Ottawa -- what every family handyman has tried but doesn't always succeed in doing.

A dimmer switch? No big deal, you say. Not so fast. There are 244,000 Canadians who follow Trudeau on his Twitter site. . That's a lot of people. And they vote.

Trudeau passes for a handyman, a good family man, and champion of the middle class - exactly what he wants. When was the last time Harper installed anything around the house.

Then, still on his Twitter site, Trudeau tells us his wife Sophie Grégoire is pregnant and they are expecting a third child in March. (Damn, you say to yourself, he really is a family man.)

Then he's off to Quebec to visit Pauline Marois to tell her he's not too keen on taking crucifixes out of the schools. (Elections were won in Quebec over this issue.)

And finally, the biggest bombshell - of his own accord he announces to a Huffington Post reporter that he has smoked marijuana - five or six times. (Just like a majority of Canadians, for that matter!)

Justice Minister Peter MacKay falls into the trap and sounds off against Trudeau "accusing him of a" profound lack of judgment." (Only if he were a Conservative cabinet minister, Peter.)

Trudeau is not the first politician to have smoked up.

Barack Obama, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, Michael Ignatieff and Pauline Marois have all said they have smoked marijuana in the past.

A survey by Angus Reid in 2012 found that 57% of Canadians support the legalization of marijuana, and the percentage is going up every year.

Trudeau is no fool. He reads the handwriting on the wall. So he lines up with the majority while Harper slinks off to the 27% minority who say they have never smoked pot.

Trudeau goes for the frank and brutally honest; Harper stays with the fundamentally conservative.

No fool that Trudeau.


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Derniers commentaires

  • Sue Calhoun
    26 août 2013 - 15:13

    I read an article from a reliable source, quoting Harper as saying that he was handed a joint once but was too drunk to smoke it. Did you read that? And if so, have you checked it out? Personally, I like a man who's handy around the house!

  • Maggie
    26 août 2013 - 15:05

    At least he did not spin a bunch of lies like many Conservatives do - lies about prorogation being illegal, created a bill for a fixed election date, pontificate in the house about the horrors of a PM deciding when its convenient to call an election, then break your own fixed election date bill, live in denial about the environment, nothing wrong there folks, no such thing as global warming, attack many public servants because they tell the truth, deny deny deny the true costs of the F-35, deny the truth to the Parliamentary budget officer and of course, we have THE SENATE.... But wait, McKay said smoking pot was illegal... and HE's a lawyer.... who should know better, it is illegal to grow, possess or distribute pot, but it is not illegal.... and HE's our Justice Minister? Compare this to admitting having a toke....

  • Malcolm Barry
    26 août 2013 - 14:52

    I am considered old and never smoked weed but support Trudeau who will get enough votes and members to form a government.

  • G.J.W.
    26 août 2013 - 13:23

    All of this hype on Pot, is ridiculous. Pot is used for medicinal purposes. It is much more difficult for kids to buy liquor and tobacco, than to buy pot off the streets. When our kids buy pot off the streets, who knows what that pot could be laced with? Perhaps laced with pesticide, bugs and who knows what? Of all, liquor, tobacco and pot? Pot is the least harmful. Too bad people can't see the brain scan of an alcoholic. Too bad they can't see a chest x-ray, of a patient dying of lung cancer from smoking. How many deaths and accidents are caused by drunk drivers? I will vote in favor of legalizing pot. If that helps to keep our kids away from pot, sold on the streets, then I am all for that. Pot dealers make many, many millions of tax free dollars, selling pot on the streets. I would like pot grown in controlled methods, to make it much more safe.

  • Not a fanboy
    26 août 2013 - 13:01

    It's telling that after all the flip-flopping....the musing about separatism, musing about this and musing about that....Trudeau's first big policy 'reveal' seems to reflect his passion for pot. Pollsters and fans like the author of this...piece are quick to mention that legalization of pot is supported by a majority of Canadians, but of all the issues facing Canadians or issues that are actually important to Canadians, how high does legalization of pot rank? Is it even in the top 20 of issues facing Canadians? Why doesn't the Liberal leader put his gagger aside and let Canadians know where he really stands on issues that are important?

  • Dave B.
    26 août 2013 - 12:34

    Sounds like Richard's coming out of the closet. Not that their is anything wrong with that.

  • reg butler
    26 août 2013 - 10:45

    Obviously the author has some kind of bromance with Justin Trudeau. What are his credentials...weed smoking, part time drama teacher. Prime Minister Trudeau, SCARY!

    • Ancevich
      26 août 2013 - 12:27

      "Family men" can barely control their broods; they certainly cannot lead countries. (Read some history.)

    • miscou
      26 août 2013 - 12:55

      What did Stevie have before politice's, an oil economics course.

  • Jack Dunner
    26 août 2013 - 10:26

    It's interesting that Trudeau installed a dimmer switch. I understood under the regulations introduced by his provincial counterparts that all electrical work was to be done by a licensed electrician. Here we go with Liberals breaking the rules again.

  • Joel Bernard
    26 août 2013 - 09:35

    Ricardo, Call me when Elvis gets here. JB

  • Gabby in QC
    26 août 2013 - 09:20

    It's so heartwarming to see that Mr. Cléroux's mancrush has not lost its fervor with time. So Trudeau installed a dimmer -- how appropriate! -- in his house. "When was the last time Harper installed anything around the house" asks Mr. Cléroux. I'm sure I don't know and neither does Mr. Cleroux ... but maybe Mr. Harper hasn't used any handyman skills at 24 Sussex for the simple reason that it's not his house AND as a heritage site, any modifications probably have to go through a process outlined in The Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. So keep writing the billets doux, Mr. Cléroux. I'm sure Mr. Trudeau will eventually reward you with his delightful smile -- or he may even tweet you!