Harper's biggest scandal to date

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He sure knows how to pick them for the Senate

Another odour of scandal

Call it the biggest political fiasco for Stephen Harper since he came to power seven years ago.

Three Conservative senators - all stars of the Conservative Party - have spent more than $ 260,000 on lodgings, meals and travel expenses to which he was not entitled.

Stephen Harper has lost his credibility as a judge of character of those he appoints to the Senate.

Senator Mike Duffy, former star of news television had to repay $ 90,000. Nigel Wright, who was Harper's chief of staff, repaid the amount out of his own pocket in a dodgy deal that has yet to be fully explained.

Another former television star, Pamela Wallin has repaid $ 38,000 on her illicit spending but still has to repay about an additional $ 82,000.

Senator Patrick Brazeau has his own $ 48 745 repayment problem. In addition he faces charges of assault and sexual assault against his wife.

Harper publicly announced in the Commons in February that he had "personally" verified the Wallin accounts and found nothing that was different from any other senators who lived the same distance from Ottawa.

Wow! Were things that bad in the Senate?

Where does Harper find political stars like that?


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