Harper's propaganda ads cost us $ 113 million

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He's ordering another two years' worth.

Since 2009 Stephen Harper has been running "Economic Action Plan" ads on television, supposedly to encourage young people to find jobs.

The ads have cost us $ 113 million. Those that ran during the Stanley Cup playoffs were most expensive at $ 90,000 for a half-minute.

The Harris Decima firm conducted a survey to find out the impact of the ads on Canadians. After all, we want to know if we got our money's worth. So the pollsters interviewed 2,009 Canadians.

But here's the sad reality:

Hundreds of thousands of viewers saw pubs but only three of the 2009 people contacted by Harris Decima had used "800" number provided on the screen to get more information about Action Plan jobs.

Only nine out of the 2009 contacted the federal government web-site address offered on the screen.

Nine plus three gives us 12. This means that only 12 people out of 2009 followed up what they saw on the screen. Talk about a disaster - at a cost of $ 113,000.

The real message behind these ads was to make Canadians believe that the Conservative Government's "Economic Action Plan" was helping young people find employment.

In reality it was only to make us believe that the Conservative government is doing something good for jobless young people. And that it did. And taxpayers paid for Harper's propaganda ads.

The worst thing for us is that Stephen Harper and his ministers have decided to continue their "Action Plan" propaganda ads for the next two years. Of course the ads will be at our expense, not the Conservative party's expense.

This guy Harper is truly awesome!



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