Georges Laraque is after Denis Coderre's riding

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Former Canadiens strong guy wants into Parliament

Wanna fight, Justin?

Former Montreal Canadiens tough guy Georges Laraque announced this week that he wants to be the Green Party candidate in the federal Bourassa riding by-election.

Laraque became deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada after leaving professional hockey in 2010.

He says his entry into the federal race is "the culmination of many years of community involvement."

He says he is proud that Green Party supporters in Bourassa chose him as their representative. Laraque, an activist for environmental causes, is of Haitian origin. Between 10 and 15 percent of the population in Bourassa riding  is of Haitian origin .

The trouble is that the Green Party finished a fifth the last time out. The constituency was won by the Liberal heavyweight Denis Coderre, who resigned earlier this year to run in the Montreal mayoralty race.


LIberal powerhouse Justin Trudeau holds a nearby riding. If Laraque does make it into Parliament he could challenge Trudeau : "You clobbered Brazeau, I'm ready to take you on!"


But since Laraque is a vegeterian the Parliamentary Restaurant would have to add a few more vegeterian delights to its menu.

According to the Canadian electoral system Prime Minister Stephen Harper gets to decide the date of the by-election.


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