Sen. Mac Harb has to pay back $231,000

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He is furious and wants to fight in court

He\'s expensive...

Finally they pinched a Liberal - Senator Mac Harb.

We were starting to think only Conservative senators were getting nailed for fooling around with their Senate expense accounts.

Harb has 30 days to reimburse $ 231,000 that the Senate says he owes taxpayers.

Harb has no intgention of giving one more red cent. He's already reimbursed the Senate $ 51,000. Now he's telling the Senate where it can go. He'll meet them in court, where a real judge will decide what he owes and what he doesn't.

Harb is no longer exactly a Liberal. He pulled out from the Liberal caucus in March and now sits as an independent senator until the court case is over.

But the Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau said that if Harb is cleared by the court and returns the money, he will be allowed return to the Liberal caucus.

Some NDP MPs say it is like telling a bank robber that if he gives the money he will be declared innocent.

By coincidence, the kind we know so well in politics, it was Conservative Senator David Tkachuk, an old friend of Stephen Harper, who was one of three senators who judged Harb. Another was Carolyn Stewart Olsen, Harper's former press aide and long-time political advisor. The third was a Liberal.


It was committee head Tkachuk who publicly announced the amount Harb is in for to the Senate .

By the same kind of coincidence that we know so well in politics, Tkachuk is the same Conservative senator who had manipulated the wording of the investigation report on Senator Mike Duffy to make him look better.

When the wording changes were spotted the investigation had to begin all over again. Now the RCMP is investigating Duffy.

Coincidentally Conservative Senator David Tkachuk, resigned yesterday from the internal Senate committee which investigates the issue of spending some other members of the Upper House.

The Senate's Auditor-General Lyse Ricard withdrew leaving the investigation entirely to the Mounties.

Tkachuk says he's pulling out because he has to undergo treatment for bladder cancer very soon.

But before going into hospital, his office issued a statement saying the exact amount Harbmust pay is $ 231 649.07.

About $ 180,000 are for ineligible daily senatorial allowances (per diems) and $ 52,000 are mileage charges.

(Senator Harb claimed that he lived in Pembroke, Ontario, near Ottawa.)

These expenses date back to 2005-2006. Senator Harb was appointed to the Upper House by the former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien in 2003.


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