Harper meets his Queen in London; he loves her

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And she loves her favorite Canadian monarchist

What a visit...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper met his Queen in London last night and had tea with her.

Harper, an ardent monarchist, loves the Queen. She loves Harper.

He was supposed to have a 25 minute audience with her, but the 89-year old queen is so fond of Harper that their meeting lasted a full 55 minutes, while other visitors had to cool their heels.

Hopefully Harper told her all the ways he's been promoting the monarchy in Canada, and that's more than merely inviting one set of British royals after another.

The Queen would be pleased to know that Harper has been slapping the word "royal" on everything.

Now we've got the «Royal Canadian Navy" and the «Royal Canadian Air Force. » And the Queen's royal coat-of-arms has been painted on Harper's private plane, the one on which he flew to London.

Next will likely be the "Royal Canadian Prime Minister." The Queen would like that.

She must have enjoyed whatever exciting War of 1812 story he had for her, reminding her how British forces faced the Americans and even burned down their precious White House in Washington.

Harper must have told her that for a piddling $ 50,000 he had his private Polaris 310, repainted from a dull military grey into a beautiful royal blue.

(Actually it is more of a "Conservative" blue than a "royal" blue but what's a little hue between friends?)

Harper and the Queen never told us what they talked about, but perhaps she said a few words to him about royal succession on the British throne. It's a big issue in Britain right now..

The Queen has loyal subjects around the world who would prefer Prince William to Prince Charles as their future king. And others feel the other way around.

Harper later spoke to a group of British MPs - members of the "House of Lords" and House of Commons MPs - especially conservatives. Most stayed awake for the entire speech.

Harper also chatted privately with Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. It is believed they discussed business (as in free trade) and war (as in Syria.).

Today Harper is off to Paris to meet President François Hollande, who is a long ways from being a practicing Conservative.

But France gets a lot of its uranium from Canada to produce electricity. So be nice to Mister Harper, Monsieur Hollande, or you'll have to buy your uranium from Russia, at not so interesting Russian prices.



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Derniers commentaires

  • Rob
    14 juin 2013 - 03:33

    The author is 100 percent on the mark. Frankly, it's a major embarrassment what Harper is doing. It's the 21st century! Canada doesn't need to be constitutionally linked to that bunch of royal welfare bums. We can elect a parliamentary president to do the GG's job. Until then, Canada is a nation of wimps satisfied with looking like a colony of Britain. It's time for Canada to grow up! It looks like that day may not be far off. This Angus Reid poll says 49% support reopening Canada’s constitutional debate to discuss the possibility of replacing the monarch with an elected head of state; 33% are opposed. http://www.angus-reid.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/2013.04.30_Monarchy_CAN.pdf

  • Bruce
    13 juin 2013 - 17:01

    If this article was more honest, the writer would have mentioned that Harper is merely restoring many royal names rather than creating anything new. The anti-royal actions was started in the 1960's by Liberals. Glad to see a Conservative undo some of that damage.

  • Sheldon
    13 juin 2013 - 16:52

    "And the Queen's royal coat-of-arms has been painted on Harper's private plane" Actually, it's the Canadian coat-of-arms. "Actually it is more of a "Conservative" blue than a "royal" blue " Well, that will help offset the liberal red and white that was imposed on all of Canada in 1965's flag change won't it?