Conservative official has to pay $400 fine

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Did not furnish documents to Elections Canada

A Conservative election campaign official has paid a $400 fine after pleading guilty for holding back documents from Elections Canada.

Conservative MP Wajid Khan's official agent, Paul Gallardo, paid the fine this week. It had to do with Khan switching from the Liberals to the Conservatives in the 2008 election. Khan lost his seat.

The Commissioner of Canada Elections laid the charge under the Canada Elections Act. It was heard in Ontario Provincial Court in Brampton, Ontario on June 5.

The judge ruled that Gallardo must pay the fine within 180 days and hand over the documents to Elections Canada.

The previous time a Conservative election official ran into election campaign trouble, parliamentary secretary Pierre Poilièvre said it was "front page news."

This time Poilièvre has yet to make a comment.



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