Conservative senators call in Auditor-General

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They want to slow down the scandal

Help us please!

Conservative senators want to get out of their ugly expenses scandal by asking the Auditor-General to conduct a full and thorough investigation of their travel and accommodation expenses.

And they want the Auditor-General to investigate Liberal senators at the same time as well. No fools those conservative senators.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in agreement because such an investigation could take a year or two, even three. By that time Harper would have had enough time to hold his general election and maybe even get re-elected.

There is a Conservative senator, however, former policeman Jean-Guy Dagenais, who says the Senate doesn't need an auditor rummaging through the personal accounts of senators.

Dagenais said that of the 104 senators in the Senate right now, there are only about two or three crooked senators. All they have to do is expel them and the rest of the senators - he includes himself -- could easily stay in the Senate without being investigated.

NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice says an investigation by the Auditor-General would take far too long. The Senate would be better to drop the idea of an Auditor-General's investigation and just call in the RCMP. Less time and the Mounties would get to the crooks a lot faster.

Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair says he has a better idea - cut Senate funding by July 1.

That would save taxpayers $ 92,500,000 a year. And then we'd see how long it would take senators to find jobs.



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