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$30 receipt scams in the Senate

The motto of the Canadian Senate is "Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense." It is everywhere in the Senate, even on some letterhead.

It's an Old French expression and it means something like ‘Shame on you  for thinking evil.' It means we mustn't think badly of the Senate.

But as recent surveys indicate a majority of Canadians think "evil" of the Senate and want it abolished.

Senators, as we know now, don't have to provide receipts for expenses under $30, including taxi trips  to the Ottawa airport at the end of the week.

Sometimes on Friday afternoons in front of the Parliament Buildings you might see two, three, or even four Senators get into the same taxi and head off to the airport.

One senator pays the taxi, and gets a receipt so he can be reimbursed by the Senate, while the others get reimbursed $ 29 each without having to file receipts. It's called the Senate's ‘honor code.'

Visitors to the parliament might say: "Look at those senators, all sharing a cab like that to save us money."

Honi soit qui mal y pense!


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