Duffy e-mails lead to Harper's office

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Duffy wanted limo, chauffeur and cabinet post

A bundle of emails going back to July 2009 between Senator Mike Duffy and Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office has fallen into the hands of CBC-Radio-Canada.


The E-mails add a lot to explaining the scandal that has ravaged the Harper's office and the Conservative government for two weeks.

Only six months after Harper appointed Duffy to the Senate at $132 400 a year, Duffy wrote emails to the Conservative Party asking for more money to campaign for the party.

He wanted Harper to appoint him to the cabinet as a Minister of State, given a limo and a chauffeur, and an office team.

But Duffy did not want to administer a government department, only to collect money for the party, what he happens to be great at doing.

Duffy also wanted to be paid for his fund-raising by the Conservative Party.

It was not a fantasy. Duffy was well known to the public, especially in English-Canada because of his television image; as a media celebrity, he was a huge electoral asset.

Money that is the real strength of the Conservative Party.

Currently the party collects about $ 18 million a year, twice its nearest rival.

During the last election campaign, Duffy conducted bogus news interviews "one-on-one" style with Harper.

They looked like real news interviews.

Harper's spokesman Carl Vallé said this week that Duffy was never considered for a cabinet post.

Party spokesman Fred DeLorey said yesterday that the party "does not pay compensation to Duffy." He didn't whether it ever has in the past.

The Conservative backbench MP Brent Rathgeber said that he and his colleagues are "angry against the situation that we all face."

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, who is the main spokesman for the government about the scandal, said on television Thursday that Duffy should resign.

Duffy still refuses.

The question in Ottawa these days is whether the emails in CBC hands came from Prime Minister's Office to demolish Duffy, or whether they came from Duffy, if he were willing to sacrifice his own reputation to take Harper down with him.

Time will tell.


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