Nothing is beyond 'Old Man' Chrétien

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Still going strong at 79

Still surfin\'

Nothing is beyond Ti-Jean Chrétien.

He handles challenges of men a quarter his age.

Jean Chrétien went wakeboarding at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina this week despite his 79 years.

The old guy is still in great shape although he does appear a little thinner than he used to be. What do you expect at his age!

The video of Chrétien on a wake bard hanging on tight as he waves to the camera has toured the world on YouTube.

Chrétien is on golf vacation, but he took up the wakeboard challenge at Cape Hatteras, known for its famous "Canadian Bay" which attract wakeboard fanatics regularly from around the world.

Seventy-nine years old is four years older than the retirement age in the Canadian Senate.


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