Harper in way over his head with scandal

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Mulcair Nails Harper with trick question

Bang! Right on the kisser!

It's been a week since Stephen Harper has been in way over his head in the senate scandal involving his former chief of staff Nigel Wright and Senator Mike Duffy who is under investigation by the RCMP.

The Prime Minister refuses to say publicly that his office has a copy of the email in which Senator Duffy explains that he had to keep silent about a check for $ 90 000 that Wright wrote out to him. He won't say why.

Maybe the Mounties can get it out of him.

Rather than providing clear and detailed answers, Harper went on the attack this week, trying to link the Opposition politicians to the Charbonneau Commission. It didn't work.

Wednesday in Parliament, Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair turned the tables on Harper and asked him a killer question about the guy who took the dive because he gave $90,000 to Duffy.

Mulcair asked point blank: «Will Nigel Wright get severance pay? »

Harper answered only that Wright will receive "payments that are his right under the law, and only that."

Mulcair then nailed Harper with the killer question:

"By chance, it would be about $90,000? »

Harper had no answer to that.


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