Jacques Demers thinks of leaving Senate

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Demers disgusted with what's going on

He\'s had enough!

The Senate expenses scandal is doing Stephen Harper no good at all.

Senator Jacques Demers, former coach of the Montreal Canadiens and other National Hockey League teams, says he's disgusted with the scandals and is considering leaving the Senate.

Conservative Senator Nancy Greene Raine, a lady of great integrity, who won ski medals for Canada around the world, said publicly that she thinks Senator Mike Duffy should resign.

Demers, who was appointed by Harper in 2009, doesn't hide his disgust at the expenses scandal ravaging his Conservative colleagues in the Senate.

"I do not accept what is happening nor what has happened," said Demers after a Conservative caucus meeting on Tuesday.

Duffy left the Conservative ranks after taking housing allowances which he was not entitled to receive, and accepted a $ 90,000 cheque from Nigel Wright, who was until last Sunday Harper's chief of staff.

Demers was visibly upset when he spoke to reporters.

He said he would meet two senators he describes as his mentors to discuss further with them before deciding whether to leave the Senate.


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