$23 million spent to monitor news media

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Harper wants to know what MPs are saying

Control again!

The Harper government has spent more than $ 23 million over the last two years monitoring what news media are saying  about his government.

More than $ 2.4 million of it has been spent to find out what 65 of his Conservative MPs have told the media.

The surveillance of his own people includes monitoring their television interviews, what they say on radio, write in print and on Twitter and the Internet. Doesn't Harper trust any of them?

The surveillance list was tabled in the House of Commons this week.

One can only imagine the conversations that took place later in the office of the Prime Minister:

The big reason for this massive surveillance of Conservatives backbenchers is because of the revolt in Conservative ranks in the Commons. A couple of dozen Conservatives MPs want to speak out against abortion but Harper has muzzled them. He doesn't want them speaking out openly. It could cost him too many votes in the next election.

It's best to keep them under close surveillance. Taxpayers are paying the surveillance bill in any case.



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