Conservative Blue replaces Government Green

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No idea of the cost; NDP wants answers

Public servants have until July 31 to change all federal websites to Conservative blue by orders of the Harper government.

The new government rules now require that royal blue shall be the color of various departmental websites. Harper has a fondness for things "Royal."

The NDP has asked the government to make public all the studies that Harper claims to have made before choosing blue as the new government website color.

On Parliament Hill they have been saying the choice was the result of consultations with well-paid psychologists who told the Harper government that using the Conservative Party color on official government websites might help the party get more votes in the next election.

Several pamphlets, government signs and press releases already feature a lot of blue.

So does much of the $36 million of government advertising on television paid for by taxpayers.

"House of Commons green" may become a thing of the past as the Harper government heads into its second half-dozen years in power.

By law, the government has 45 days to respond to the demand of the New Democratic Party to produce the "blue" studies that were used to justify the change in color.


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