Conservatives go after Trudeau's sexuality

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Middle-aged Conservative males are the target


The latest nasty conservative ad draws a rather strange picture of Justin Trudeau.

The message in the Conservative Party householders paid for by taxpayers carries a powerful subliminal message about the new Liberal leader.

Hey, Trudeau is not like us guys. Call it "Metro" if you want.

There's a trail of stardust around Trudeau's delicate, smiling face, like Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan movie. Oh, so pretty!

There's a goatee painted on his chin and he has a curly head of hair. His shirt collar is open and he holds his jacket over his shoulder by the tip of his finger, as do so often male models in European fashion magazines.

The political message is written in a delicate cursive character, as if the ad were on a greeting card, while praise in the same ad for Prime Minister Harper appears in a strong, bold character. He's the tough guy. No stardust glitter for him.

The dot on the letter "i" in the name Justin is a beautiful star-flower, what young girls put on their name in their personal notes to friends.

All very feminine!

So where are the Conservatives going with all this?

David Colletto, a Canadian researcher marketing and advertising CEO of Abacus survey company, recently told a reporter:

"I think there is a subtle attempt here to make Trudeau look less masculine."

Subtle? Are you kidding?

There's a reason for the ad. A recent survey showed Trudeau is now as popular among men as he is among women. That worries Conservatives. Their man Harper used to be the first choice of men, ahead of Trudeau.

All that changed after that boxing match between Trudeau and Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau. Trudeau became macho.

Colletto says the Conservatives are trying to hold the vote of middle-aged men who are the core of the Conservative Party base.

Note which television shows the Conservatives chose to run their anti-Trudeau ads, cost be damned.

One ad ran during a televised Blue Jays baseball game, another during an English "Premier League" soccer game, and the final spot was during the PGA golf tournament - all television shows with many men watching.

The Conservatives are pitching to their middle-aged male core, telling them Trudeau is not really one of them.

The Conservatives are not fools. We will have the results of their latest effort in the next public opinion survey.


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