Going for another run at Trudeau

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More smear ads coming from Harper people

Yet, it backfires...

The Stephen Harper Conservatives are cranking up their old dirt machine for another go at Justin Trudeau. The first one was a success.

However, they were caught by surprise by Trudeau's effective gentlemanly reply this past week.

He hit back ever-so-politely at them picking up on every smear they had tossed  - he's just a school teacher, a theatre prof, the son of Pierre Trudeau, he lacks political experience.

Sure he was somebody's son, he said but he is also a father, and yes he has taught school and was proud of it (he even sat on a teacher's desk in a classroom and yes he had won two elections before becoming party leader.)

The Conservatives met behind closed doors on Parliament Hill April 17 and decided to fight back with another smear campaign.

Call it Round Two of the ad fight. The campaign against Trudeau should be ready June 1.

But it will be different this time. No more television. Certainly no more costly paid ads during those hockey games. Those time slots cost a fortune.

The Conservatives chose hockey game ads because they wanted to reach people who don't follow politics, and thought the hockey games would be the place to catch them.

This next ad campaign will be way different. It won't be a "buy" at all. In fact they've got it figured out. The taxpayers will pay for it.

Every few months MPs send out free householder newsletters to their constituents to tell them what's going on in Parliament -- new laws, debates and so on.

The Conservatives plan to use the June 1 householders -- printing and mailing paid for by taxpayers -- to carry the second round of their anti-Trudeau message. This time the target is the Conservative "base" that actually reads householders from MPs.

Genius plan. No expensive production costs. No expensive airtime to buy.

Taxpayers probably won't complain. They may not even notice.

But there is one small problem.

The Liberals somehow got a hold of a first version of the Conservatives' English-language householder.

Liberals say it even recycles old Trudeau quotes from the first campaign.

Since there was a leak, and since all the Conservative MPs are aware of the contents of the new smear campaign, should the Conservatives go ahead with it, or should they prepare something completely different?

It's not easy to decide. At least Stephen Harper has two months to think about it.



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