Big NDP convention in Montreal this weekend

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Getting ready for the next election

About 2000 NDP delegates are expected in Montreal, from Friday on, to discuss broad policy outlines of the party.


It will be the first convention since Thomas Mulcair won the leadership, but likely not the last one before the next elections scheduled for 2015.


Delegates will discuss how to strengthen environmental laws, how give back the right to speak out to government scientists, repair Stephen Harper's devastation of employment assurance and get the economy back on its feet.

NDP activists want to reverse seven years of Conservative rule, one bad policy at a time.


But right now the threat to the NDP is not coming from Stephen Harper, but from Justin Trudeau and his Liberals who have the wind in their sails and a big coronation of Trudeau this weekend.


The major convention priority for the NDP will be a promise to abolish Harper's employment insurance cutbacks.

Talk about a fine time to cut employment insurance - with 54 000 jobs going down the drain March, the worst single month job performance since the 2009 recession.


Some delegates will be trying to bring the NDP closer to the political centre, and will try to make that  perfectly clear by removing the word "socialist" from everywhere in the NDP party platform.


It remains to be seen is the party old-timers will go along with that.



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Derniers commentaires

  • Nicholas Roach
    12 avril 2013 - 00:40

    "Old-Timers"?. I think there are as many, if not more, youth militant socialists in the NDP as "Old-Timers".

  • Nicholas Roach
    12 avril 2013 - 00:38

    "Old-Timers"?. I think there are as many, if not more, youth militant socialists in the NDP as "Old-Timers".