Michael Sona charged by Elections Canada

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First 'Robocalls' charges from last election

Robocalls elections scandal

The first charge in the Robocalls elections scandal was filed yesterday in Guelph, Ont., against Conservative organizer Michael Sona.

Sona is accused of having prevented voters from voting or trying to prevent them from voting by sending automatic telephone messages sending voters to fictitious polling stations on the May 2, 2011 election day.

Sona says he did nothing wrong and that the Conservative Party is trying to make a scapegoat out of him... Sona refuses to say who he believes the party is trying to protect.

He refuses to say why he is accusing his party without providing evidence, especially after he was rewarded by the party after the elections with a job in the office of Conservative MP Eve Adams, where Dimitri Soudas, formerly of the Office of the Prime Minister Harper also worked.

Sona will be defended by the well-known Ottawa criminal lawyer, Norman Boxall.

He also denied being the mythical "Pierre Poutine" of "Separatist Street" in Joliette, Que., who, according to Elections Canada, purchased under this fictitious name a cell phone to perpetrate election fraud.

The charge was brought against Sona on Tuesday at the Guelph courthouse under Article 491 (3) d) of the Canada Elections Act which prohibits preventing or attempting to prevent a voter from participating in an election.

Upon conviction, the penalty may include a fine and imprisonment.

Elections Canada has received more than 1,400 complaints of "robotic" fraud after the elections from voters in 247 constituencies.

It was the largest election fraud in Canadian history.

Sona asked rhetorically how a young man of his age, 23 years old, working alone, could organize so many calls across Canada.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Conservative Party has sought to distance itself from the scandal.

"The Conservative Party of Canada conducted a clean campaign and does not tolerate such activities" it said in a press release issued on behalf of the party by Fred Delorey.


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