Garneau wants one-on-one against Trudeau

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Trudeau says don't exclude any candidates


Trudeau says "No." He refuses to rule out participation by  the other seven candidates.

The gentleman astronaut says he's ready for a debate between Trudeau and himself, anywhere, anytime.

His argument:  a one-on-one debate would give liberal members and sympathizers a chance to better understand and compare the two men.

Trudeau replied on his blog that he wasn't going to exclude any of the other seven candidatesfrom taking part a debate: "I respect all the candidates in the leadership race. We will be in Halifax, Marc."

Trudeau added that he believes there will a chance for one-on-one exchange in Halifax on Saturday.

Garneau said Monday morning: "If he is actually qualified to become leader, he should have the courage of his convictions and display them in a face to face debate with me."

For three weeks Garneau has continually attacked Trudeau's political qualities. The vote is April 14.



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