Liberal campaign shows signs of life

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Could get ugly even for Liberals. Just wait !

At last, some sport!

It began as a rather dull Liberal leadership campaign.

It was assumed Justin Trudeau would win handily. A cakewalk, they said.

But suddenly the campaign has taken an unexpected turn and the whole thing could go sour with liberal versus liberal ripping themselves apart.

Two other candidates, Marc Garneau and Martha Hall Findlay have gone on the attack against Trudeau.

Hall Findlay insinuated that he is a rich papa's boy, added that he does not represent the middle class (Martha Hall Findlay had to apologize for her remarks) and that he can't beat Stephen Harper at election time, because two previous Liberal "celebrities' Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff weren't able to do it.

Strange logic, but when you're only seven weeks from the end and losing almost anything is worth trying.

Seriously folks - Dion and Ignatieff as "celebrities? It boggles the mind.

The internal battles among Liberals make the Conservatives happy. The more the Liberals dish it out to each other, the more ammunition the Conservatives will have at election time. They know how to use it.

Hall Findlay and Garneau nailed Trudeau for talking about a "vision" without going into too much detail. As if he has to reveal everything to the Conservatives before winning the leadership.

Unfortunately for the dynamic duo, the polls show far ahead Trudeau far ahead of both of them, and Canadians, say the polls, like the "vision" of Trudeau, without demanding too much that he explain what he means.

"Father" Trudeau did rather well in politics with his unexplained "vision."


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  • Anne Dawson
    22 février 2013 - 11:16

    This revised blog by Richard Cléroux corrects a previous version that erroneously attributed comments to Liberal Leadership Candidate Marc Garneau.