Senator Brazeau gets 'paid' holiday

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But no more little 'extras'

Conservatives in the Senate were preparing this morning to send Senator Patrick Brazeau "on leave" with full pay for as long as his court case will take.

But it will have to be without those little "extras" that our senators like so much.

Brazeau was charged in court in Gatineau Friday with assault and sexual assault against his spouse.

The Government caucus will present a motion Tuesday to send Senator Brazeau on a forced holiday.

This means the senator can stay at home on full pay of $ 132,000 a year for as long as he wants without having to do a stick of work in Parliament.

No question for the time being of being booted out of the Senate. He hasn't been convicted of anything. It was Prime Minister Stephen Harper who appointed Brazeau to the Senate three years ago. Harper isn't talking of trying to get Brazeau out of the Senate just yet.

Brazeau's holiday could last a year or two years depending on the duration of his trial, and even longer if there is an appeal.

In addition, a Standing Senate Committee on Internal Economy will be making sure, we are told, that Senator Brazeau will no longer have access to Senate resources.

That means secretaries, a nation-wide travel account with train and airline tickets, taxis, office equipment, a researcher and access to the parliamentary restaurant.

Brazeau did not make a plea when he appeared in court Friday. He is scheduled to return to court March 22.

Gatineau Police recommended that the judge not allow Brazeau out on bail, but the judge decided otherwise. He released Brazeau out on bail of $ 1,000 while the police conducted a search of Brazeau's residence. We still do not know exactly what police were looking for, or whether they found it.



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