$10,000 to see a hockey game

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and it was in another town!

A big box!

A Canadian diplomat at the Canadian consulate in Buffalo paid $10,000 for a private suite to see an NHL hockey game with his guests.

But the weirdest thing about it, the game wasn't in Buffalo and the Sabres weren't playing. The game was 300 kilometers away in Pittsburgh and the Penguins were playing.

The only possible explanation is that the diplomats' friends really wanted to see Sidney Crosby. Who knows if the consulate also paid their transportation to Pittsburgh or their overnight stay.

What we do know is that when Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird heard about the diplomatic extravagance, he hit the roof, or so says his aide.

Marta Moszczenska was the diplomat in charge in Buffalo.

Being the capable minister that he is, Baird immediately transferred the lady Moszczenska to the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles.

Not so bad. She'll be able to see the Los Angeles Kings play.

After all, they won the Stanley Cup last year.

Eventually she might get around to the entire league.



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