It's all over for Chief Theresa Spence

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44 days of fish broth and herbal tea

Useful or not?

Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawapiskat Cree Reserve in Northern Ontario ended her hunger strike this today after 44 days on her liquid diet.

Hundreds of Cree from Northern Ontario and Quebec came down to her tent on Victoria Island on the Ottawa River to celebrate the end of her fast.

But she wasn't there. She had been whisked off to hospital "as a precaution" they were told.

She was judged too weak to eat a hearty meal right away and take part in the celebrations.

Spenc began her solid food strike on Dec. 11 to get a meeting between First Nations leaders and the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General David Johnston.

She may not have achieved her goal, but she did draw worldwide media attention to the plight of aboriginal Canadians.

The end of her strike came with a coalition of indigenous leaders and members of the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party signing a declaration in favor of 13 specific demands of aboriginal leaders in Canada.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper did not sign, and during her hunger protest, his people did everything they could to discredit her in the social media.

"The 13 Resolutions" as they are being called, will go down in Canadian history. They will commit the NPD and Liberals to push Harper for improvements to housing, schools, hospitals and roads on reserves, as well as an immediate meeting between the federal and provincial government, the Governor General of Canada as representative of the Queen, and the Aboriginal people of Canada.

The resolutions also ask that historic treaties governing relations between several First Nations and the federal government be updated and fully implemented within five years.

Those resolutions signed by the opposition parties will help maintain pressure on the Conservative government when MPs resume their work in parliament next week after their long-extended Christmas holidays.

Stephen Harper will not only will he criticized for allowing the conflict with the First Nations people to fester for months, but also for refusing to sign "The 13 Resolutions."

So did she win?


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