Senator Brazeau gets popped again

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The Great Maniwaki home allowance case

Him again!

You remember Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, the guy who got popped by Justin Trudeau in the "ring" last spring.

Yes, the same guy who took a shot at a woman journalist, the same guy we rarely see in the Senate. Moreover, he holds the record for absences.

Since 2011 Brazeau has received a $ 20,000 a year housing allowance like all the other senators who live more than 100 km from Parliament Hill.

He is eligible for the money because he lives in Maniwaki, a small town 120 km north of Ottawa.

With $ 20,000 per year it is not hard to find a nice apartment in Ottawa.

Except that it seems the good Senator Brazeau has been living with his girlfriend in Gatineau, on the other side of the Ottawa River, a stone's throw from the parliament, and not in Maniwaki.

A nosey CTV journalist took a trip up to Maniwaki and discovered that it is Senator Brazeau's father, not the senator himself, who is living in the modest family home in Maniwaki.

One neighbor after another -- the butcher, the baker, the guy from the restaurant, a friend, even the postman -- all told the TV journalist they don't see Senator Brazeau too often because he doesn't live in Maniwaki any longer.

Brazeau has been in Gatineau since he broke up with his wife and their three children in 2011. Apart from that, Brazeau has another woman who has him before the courts claiming money from him.

Fortunately Brazeau still has his senator's salary of $134,400 a year.

Unfortunately for him, we learn that the Senate is preparing to establish a committee to conduct an investigation into the home allowance case.

That pad in Gatineau could end up costing him money.


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  • r.a.chubak
    02 février 2013 - 18:37

    reSenator Brazau's coments: itsabout time somebody in Ottawa had the guts tosay it how it really is and standup for taxpaying Canadians. GOOD JOB