Trudeau into the race next Tuesday

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The fun is just beginning

Trudeau in the course!

It will be a family affair. Wife Sophie and teh kids Xavier and Éva-Grace will be there. So will younger brother Sacha, the filmmaker.

And October 2 is the birthday of younger brother Michel, who died in an avalanche in British Columbia a few years back.

The official announcement will be made in Trudeau's Papineau riding, in north-central Montreal, on the edge of the garment district.

There should be a good number of Trudeau's environmentalist friends. Gerald Butts of WWF-Canada should be there. Trudeau is big on environmental issues. Environment Minister Peter Kent knows all about that.

Trudeau should also be saying something about his attachment to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. After all, it's part of his father's legacy. Justin knows how to play his best political cards when they are needed.

Why not cash in on the family ties. In an Angus Reid poll last week Pierre Elliott Trudeau fetched 36% of respondents and came out as the best prime minister of the last 44 years. Stephen Harper was far behind and was chosen by one out of every four respondents (26 %) as the worst prime minister we've had since 1968.

Yesterday the rumor that "Justin" would announce Tuesday racked up 150,000 tweeters, number 1 around the world for part of the day.

In newspapers at the far end of the world the headlines ran : "SON OF TRUDEAU WILL RUN." Imagine the coverage if he wins the Liberal leadership. Or if he gets elected prime minister.

Justin Trudeau has more following on his Twitter site than the Liberal Party of Canada has members. That says a lot. Especially since they change the leadership race rules and anybody can vote. You don't have to be a Liberal to cast a ballot.

Trudeau is a proud fighter. He won his seat in 2008 in a Bloc Quebecois riding (Papineau.) In 2011 he was one of the few liberals in the province who resisted the NDP's big orange wave.

Trudeau is also a good boxer. Ask Senator Patrick Brazeau.

The real fighting is just beginning.


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