Pauline Marois has Harper on a tightrope.

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Does he fight or compromise?

It could cost him plenty

Marois wants to get more federal powers for Quebec. She has a whole list.

But there's no way she wants to threaten a referendum right now.

She wouldn't get it through the National Assembly.

So she'll be going one small step at a time towards independence, making demands for Quebec one at a time.

Marois wants Harper to transfer to Quebec federal jurisdiction over employment insurance, language, culture, communications, juvenile crime issues and even Quebec's share of the firearms registry that Harper is destroying this month.

These are things that the other parties in the National Assembly are ready to back. It would be unanimous. This is important for Marois. She's in a minority position. She'll only try to pass issues she is sure she can get through the National Assembly.

If Harper says yes and gives in to her, the Quebec government would get what it wants, and who cares how many redneck Quebec bashers are riled up in the rest of the country.

If Harper says ‘No' to Marois, it will be another step for her towards her goal of independence for Quebec.

Give him more rope Ms. Marois. Let's see what he does.

Harper responded yesterday on the employment insurance issue. He sent out his minister Diane Finley who announced Harper will never hand over federal employment insurance in Quebec to the provincial government.

The answer is "No!" And for Harper ‘No' always means ‘No.'

‘Compromise' is not a word in his dictionary.


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  • Eric
    07 septembre 2012 - 10:53

    I hope our federal government won't give in to the Quebec province, the registry is useless and proved it once again, all they want in Quebec is power control and another free taxation system to further more squeeze money out of the quebeckers... We are Canadians mr. Harper we elected you , and unfortunately leave in quebec ( for now ) but we should have the same respect , freedom, and laws as the rest of Canada, The guns used at the metropolis event , were registered , This proves once again the system does not work , but the PQ governement see's the taxe oppurtunity and relys on ignorance from it's voters to pursues it ... the registry does not WORK the proof is there. ..a concerned canadian