Harper destroys gun registry

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No more registration for long-barrelled guns

The Harper government has already destroyed most of the Canadian firearms registry. The destruction began May 20 after Harper's gun registry destruction law passed through Parliament.

The Canadian registry contained details on about 8 million guns, hunting rifles, other firearms and their owners.

Only the records of Quebec residents were set aside pending a court decision after the Quebec government took Harper to court to try to save at least those guns that had been registered in Quebec.

According to the RCMP who is in charge of the destruction, getting rid of that many files and data located in many different places is a long and complicated process that could take several more months.

In many cases the information on the guns are in the files of former criminals. This information must be removed from police records as well as the federal gun registry.

But when they finally finish, say police, there will be no trace of millions of rifles, shotguns and other weapons.

And because of the new Harper law on guns, owners of these firearms will no longer be obliged to register their guns, and hunting rifles.

They will still have to obtain a gun permit, but as for how many guns they own, what calibre, and how they use their weapons, police will have to guess.

Police officers in Canada were in favor of maintaining the registry which they consulted thousands of times a day to help them apprehend criminals and sometimes return stolen weapons to owners.

Harper decided to abolish the gun registry because wanted to please gun owners who did not relish at having to register their firearms with the police.


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