Make up your mind Mr. Trudeau!

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Either Yes or No!

Yes or no!?


Justin Trudeau told us that he would announce this fall if he would run for the leadership of the Liberal Party next spring.

The fall has arrived. In two days, it will be September.

Trudeau who has been mulling it over all summer is expected to announce his decision on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Does he try his luck at nailing down the leadership or will he spend his days on the backbenches and at home with Sophie Grégoire and his beautiful children?

Rumors from Toronto are that his answer will be "Yes" and not only that, but Trudeau has put together his campaign team, most of whom are under 40 years of age. There's something different.

Traditionally, old men in smokey backrooms organize leadership campaigns. But Trudeau does not do things like other people.

There is already talk of a mystery candidate will make an appearance Monday on a web-site called "Who Liberal Qui. '

By chance (you believe that?) the Liberals are holding a big pre-session gathering in Montebello next Monday.

Great occasion for Trudeau to pop out of his political closet. Mr. Mystery might do the same thing too.



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