Stephen Harper as a "cannibal?"

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Stephen Harper has been called a lot of things in his life.

But never a "cannibal".

Especially not by his Environment Minister Peter Kent.

The link to eaters of human flesh happened a few days ago at a Conservative barbecue in Yellowknife.

Kent proudly introduced Harper as "the prime minister of Cannibal".

Oops, he corrected himself. He explained that he meant to say "Canada." A slip of the tongue. No more.

Earlier Conservative MP Ryan Leef had made the same mistake.

What is it with these Conservatives?

The prime minister a "cannibal" twice in the same week?

Some guests must have been wondering about those kebabs roasting on the barbecue.

Harper was ready. He cracked: "it confirms the rumors about me."

Political cartoonists are the ones who will be roasting Harper.



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