Opening St. Lawrence Gulf to oil exploration

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Could it be dangerous to the whales?

Gulf of St. Lawrence

Nobody seemed to notice it in the June budget.

Hidden in the budget were measures that transform the Gulf of St. Lawrence into a new oil frontier, by opening a door to exploration permits for gas and oil in the area.

The Gulf of St. Lawrence is a great inland sea with blue whales, humpback whales, belugas and countless species of fish. It has remained largely excluded from oil and gas exploration.

Never mind that four Atlantic provinces and Quebec are concerned about what it might do to the environment, Stephen Harper, a former employee of a major oil company, has decided to go ahead.

He wants to make Canada an energy superpower.

Experts say an oil spill in the St. Lawrence could destroy ecosystems and fisheries. But what do they know, these experts?

The low frequency sound used to find oil and gas underground seems ominous for whales or dolphins, they tell us. What do they know anyway?

It's not only oil, profits and jobs for workers that are involved

There is a very important national political issue at play.

Quebec and the four Atlantic provinces are among those who complain the most against the damage done to environment by the major oil company exploration.

But let's say all four provinces plus Quebec suddenly found large quantities of oil and gas in the Gulf.

Would they be so quick to criticize Harper for favoring the big oil companies and for branding environmentalists as "terrorists? "



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