Harper as a great Canadian warrior

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He wants to militarize Canada, but for what?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper may well become the greatest Canadian warrior of all time.

He wants to establish six Canadian military bases around the world to be ready for the next war. It's part of his grand plan to militarize Canada.

He foresees Canada as an international military power equipped a fleet of military ships, destroyers, F-35 fighter jets, and armored personnel carriers.

It will cost billions of dollars but what are billions to a Prime Minister who has already increased military spending without flinching from $ 15 billion annually to $ 23 billion annually? What is 34 billion for warships. 29 billion more for fighter jets and 10 billion more for tanks and armored personnel carriers?

Harper signed an agreement this week with Jamaica to give Canada access to a seaport next to the capital, Kingston, an air base near the airport and a military warehouse downtown.

The Jamaican base would establish Canada in the Caribbean region.

Harper already has a Canadian air base in Cologne, Germany that will serve our troops in Europe and parts of Asia.

Recently he began talks to obtain military facilities in Singapore to exert more Canadian military influence in Southern Asia.

Harper hasn't said who he fears would be Canada's eventual enemy.

Currently relations between China and Canada are good and getting better, but for how long will that last.

Harper hopes to be able soon to cover the world and be ready for any eventuality.


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