Rae wants to be full-time Liberal leader

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No more of this

Will he stay?

Rae took the interim leader's job last year but he had to promise he would not use it as a springboard into the national leadership convention expected in either March or June next year.

The party bosses made him promise not to use his "interim" position as a springboard for a leadership bid. Rae stood by his word. So now he turns around and asks to be released from his promise.

So now they expect him to quit as interim leader so he can announce formally he's going for the leadership next spring.

That's politics. Bizarre! You leave your job now so you can return to your job later.

The executive committee will meet next week, June 13, with the intention of releasing Rae his promise of last year as well as deciding a convention date next year and make sure he resigns his interim job before the end of the month.

Rae's people want the convention as soon as possible. They would prefer March 2013 but would settle for June 2013.

Everything will be decided behind the scenes on the evening of June 13. That too, is the way politics works.


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