So what were the real costs of the attack jets?

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So why is he going to gag the committee?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is preparing to slap a gag on the parliamentary committee investigating why he hid the true cost of his F-35 attack jets before the last elections.

Auditor-General Michael Ferguson revealed last month that Harper had announced his planes would cost only $ 15 billion when in reality he had already received the real figures of $ 25 billion from the military.

Why is it that Harper did not disclose the real costs?

Was he afraid that if people knew the real cost of his F-35s before the elections he would lose a bundle of votes?

Or did the military lie to him because they didn't trust him?

Liberal MP Gerry Byrne said that presenting false figures to the public is a form of "corruption."

The gag order is coming. There is nothing that the Opposition can do to stop Harper at this point. He's got a majority in Parliament. He can do whatever he wants. And he will.



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