Did Harper keep his promise on abortion ?

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Angry crowd on Parliament Hill

Abort abortion?

Back in his minority status days Stephen Harper used to tell those who were against abortion: "wait until we have a majority; you'll see. »

They lived for the big day when Harper would have his majority. He got their votes by hundreds of thousands, maybe millions -- all the priests, nuns, bishops, monks and mullahs in the country were on his side.

Harper finally got his majority a year ago, but then he turns around and says: "I do not want to open the abortion debate."

What? After all this time, waiting? The pro-life movement finds itself backed up against the wall.

Meanwhile in Parliament Harper won't even vote to examine at what point inside the woman the fetus becomes a child.

Not surprising that there were 10,000 angry demonstrators against abortion on the front lawn of Parliament Thursday afternoon. Several openly denounced Harper.

There were joined by 16 Conservative MPs who had the nerve to defy their boss who remained inside the building.

Some said Hrper had betrayed them and manipulated them to get their votes for the past six years.

Rather than going after Harper, they should stick to Harper's exact words six years ago: "Wait until we are the majority. You will see. "

Harper is like that. He always has a back-door exit. They should know that by now. Harper's does not promise anything he doesn't want to.

All he told them was that they had to wait and see.

And that is exactly what they are still doing.


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