Pierre Poutine trail leads to Conservative HQ

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Checking out the computer

Poutine again!

The trail of Election schemer Pierre Poutine has led Elections Canada right to the door of the Conservative Party of Canada.

But the investigation has gotten no further.

It would seem that someone has entered the great register of the Conservative Party and wiped out names and phone numbers of selected Liberal voters who were called on Election Day sending them to bogus voting stations in the Guelph riding and in dozens of other constituencies across the country.

It remains unclear whether Pierre Poutine - whatever his real name - is responsible for the electoral scam that spoiled the integrity of the May 2 election, or whether his accomplices were responsible.

But someone is responsible, although no one has any proof yet. As for Conservatives, they keep on saying they have done nothing wrong.

The Conservatives great almighty computer is called a CIMS which stands for "Constituent Information Management System" and contains millions of names and phone numbers of voters in 308 ridings across Canada.

A guy who gets into this machine could have a lot of "fun" at election-time.

Elections Canada is trying to establish whether Pierre Poutine - and his team ( if he has one) -- got into the CIMS or into the register of calls made into the CIMS, and caused chaos on election day.

The Elections Canada investigation continues.


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