Trudeau collects his boxing match wager

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Trudeau and Brazeau, both class acts

Senator Patrick Brazeau took a beating at the "hands" of Liberal MP Justin Trudeau in the "ring" Saturday night in Ottawa.

Brazeau showed up in a good mood on Monday afternoon in the foyer of the House of Commons to pay up a side bet the two men had made on the outcome of the fight.

The loser would have to get his hair cut. Both men are awfully proud of the hair.

As well for the rest of the week Brazeau the Conservative would have to wear a hockey jersey with a big "Liberal Party" logo on the front and a "TRUDEAU No. 1" nameplate and number on the back.

A barber chair was waiting for Brazeau when he arrived and a dozen journalists and as many cameras crowded around him.

Brazeau spoke of "the haircut of shame." Trudeau replied that there was nothing shameful in the way that Brazeau boxed.

"He had me seeing stars at one point," said Trudeau.

He couldn't resist adding : "The fight showed a Liberal can take a punch and come back."

Out of respect for his opponent, Trudeau cut only a very small lock of Brazeau's hair, and left the rest to a professional hairdresser.

Brazeau challenged Trudeau to a rematch next year.

Trudeau was adamant. He had boxed his last fight.

"Despite my performance Saturday night, I'm not a boxer, I am a parliamentarian. I serve my community. I serve the Parliament. I do not want to box," Trudeau said with a straight face.

That's understandable. The notion of Trudeau the MP spending his time in a boxing ring would not go over very well in his hard-working Montreal-Papineau riding.

Senator Brazeau on the other hand is not elected. Harper appointed him to the Senate at $134,700 a year for the next 38 years. Brazeau has a lot of time on his hands because the Senate is in session on average only 89 days a year. That leaves Brazeau with plenty of time to train for boxing, or for other things.

Trudeau thanked him for the fight and wished him luck with his next opponent.


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