Boxing match on Parliament Hill

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Three rounds, clean fighting!

They’re calling it “The fight of the century” on Parliament Hill.

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau and Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau are preparing for their big three–round boxing match in Ottawa on March 31.

Brazeau says the loser should have to wear the winner's political party T-shirt around parliament for a week. Trudeau says the loser will have to get a haircut.

Both fighters have long hair, and are very proud it. Brazeau has his hair First Nations style while Trudeau sports a Three Musketeers hair style.

Pierre-Karl Péladeau’s English-language television station in Toronto is planning to televise the fight with proceeds going to fight cancer.

The dynamic duo spends a lot of time lately training in different gyms. They will fight under Olympic rules.  

Trudeau, 40, has been boxing since his youth, while Brazeau, 37, who is a little stronger, is a kick-boxer and has a black belt, second degree, in karate.

Trudeau didn’t know that when he challenged any conservative to a match.

Trudeau would have preferred to fight Conservative MP Rob Anders the mouthy MP who falls asleep a lot in the Commons, but he wasn’t up to it.

Besides he could have fallen asleep on his stool between the first and second rounds and lost by TKO.

Brazeau is the favorite among odds-makers on Parliament Hill, but nobody is counting out Trudeau.  His dad was a good boxer as a youth.

All that's missing now is a New Democrat referee.


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