Duceppe loses out in Quebec

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Second time out

Bye, Gilles Duceppe


For the second time in his long and illustrious political career, Gilles Duceppe told himself he just had to try it in Quebec one more time.

Got to help Pauline Marois in the National Assembly, or who knows, maybe even take her place. Nothing left for me here in Ottawa.

He imagined himself welcomed with open arms – a fellow who knows politics and bring us back to life, those Peqs must be thinking.

It didn’t happen. Somebody had it out for Ti-Gilles, and he had a skeleton in his closet he’d forgotten about.

It seems that for some time he’d been paying Gilbert Gardner, the Bloc Québécois national director in Montreal out of funds that were supposed to have been spent on the Bloc’s parliamentary office in Ottawa, not on then party in Montreal.  We’re talking a $100,000-a-year salary. Not peanuts, even by Ottawa standards.

Not a good thing, Gilles.  Your parliamentary office budget is not the same thing as your political party budget. And it had to happen to Duceppe, for two decades one of the straightest, most honest guys on Parliament Hill.

The fellas over at Paul Desmarais’ stable went after him like wolves on a prey. Terrible behavior, terrible turn of events.

Imagine Stephan Harper putting his party bagman, Irving Gerstein, into the Senate, or Doug Finley, the 2008 national campaign director!  Oooops! Did I say that?

Never would our boy Steve do such a thing. He knows the difference between the party and the government.


The NDP took Duceppe’s oversight very seriously. They want him hauled before a disciplinary committee of the Commons when parliament resumes in February.

Duceppe welcomed by the PQ with open arms in Quebec ? Forgettaboutit!

But shed no tears for Gilles. All is not lost. He’s still got his $144,000 a year  pension coming to him for two decades of putting up with those federalists in Ottawa.

All the luck in the world to you, old man. Enjoy your retirement.

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