Putin challenges Harper to hockey game

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Harper avoids mismatch

Vladimir Putin heard that Stephen Harper wants to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the famous Canada-Russia hockey series of 1972.

So why not a hockey game between Putin and Stephen Harper? Why not two games, one in Canada and another in Moscow?

Putin is always quick to challenge other world leaders to sports and athletic contests, so he can show what a great athlete he is.

But Harper is no fool. He saw Putin coming.

Absolutely! Putin is an old KGB agent, still in terrific shape. He exercises regularly and holds a black belt in judo, and isn’t a bad skater, but it’s his fancy stickhandling and his shot that impresses.

He’s not so bad with the elbows in the corners either. Recently Putin went for a practice with the Russian national team and scored thanks to some generous goaltending.

Harper, on the other hand, hasn’t played hockey since 1972 when he was 13 years old. He skates with difficulty (he is certainly no Michael Ignatieff.)

Harper likes to exercise in front of a big plate of hamburgers. But he is good at ball hockey, especially when he’s playing on asphalt against youngsters.

In the end Harper wisely turned down Putin’s challenge and stuck to street games.

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