Harper declares war on Chiquita Banana

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Richard Cléroux speaks about Chiquita Bananas in front of a banana stand!


The big banana company from Cincinnati, Ohio is boycotting gasoline from the Alberta Tar Sands. Chiquita vice-president Manuel Rodriguez said they won’t be using it in their trucks any more if they can help it.

Two Harper ministers, Jason Kenney from Immigration and Rona Ambrose from Public Works announced with great fanfare this week on their websites that they are fighting back and will boycott Chiquita bananas.

How much will it hurt Chiquita?  How many bananas can Kenney eat?

Chiquita won’t have it much easier. Much of the gasoline sold in the United States comes from Canada, and since it all gets mixed up together at the refinery, how can anybody tell the difference.

The big foreign refineries aren’t taking Chiquita’s boycott standing still. They’ve bought a series of radio ads denouncing Chiquita and urging people to boycott the old girl’s bananas along with her “Fresh Express” salad.

A couple is heard on radio saying to each other : “While they are boycotting the oil sands, you can boycott them in return. Don’t buy Chiquita bananas or Fresh Express salad.”

This week the NDP joined the banana war, coming out on the side of the bananas. Environmental critic Megan Leslie said the “war” thing is pure “hypocrisy.” 

The real problem is “the inaction of the conservatives in fighting climate change.”

Harper hasn’t come out publicly with his ministers, but he may have to join them or repudiate them.  The important is not to slip on a peel.

And you thought Jason Kenney didn’t have anything to do this week?

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