Bathroom story from Brazil

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It wasn’t Harper’s best trip ever

Prime Minister Stephen Harper disappeared into the Brazilian foreign inister’s private bathroom in Brasilia last week while his staff was  “discussing” with Brazilian hosts whether state luncheon‘toasts’  should come before or after the meal.

The way the Brazilian press told it, when Harper didn’t get his way, he stomped off to the men’s room and stayed locked in there for 15 minutes.  

Now would that be the Harper we know?

For the record, Harper’s people wanted toasts BEFORE the meal. They got their way and Harper unlocked the door and came back out to join the luncheon.

Harper hidden in the men’s toilet again.Headline around the world again.

Sounds like the 2009 G-20 meeting in Europe.  Harper nearly missed the official photograph had German chancellor Angela Merkel not noticed Harper had wandered off. 

The German press said he was locked in the men’s room and sent that story around the world.

This time it was different. The Brazilian foreign minister, Carlos de Abreu, whose private bathroom Harper was using, said later there never was anything about Harper locked up and pouting in the bathroom.

“Mister Harper went to the bathroom for the regular reasons,” said de Abreu. “It is something that every human being has to do.’’

The minister should know. It was his bathroom.

End of story.





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