French mistake in Cannes

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Those Frenchmen got it wrong again.

arper  Harper is the prime minister; Charest is the premier.

Le Devoir columnist Antoine Robitaille cranked up a good one last week, with a little help from his friends Andrée Boily and David D’Arrisso.

In Cannes they decided to honor a number of countries who participate in their annual film festival – Canada included. 

Very nice of them.

So they put up a statue to Canada, and beside it a plaque to describe Canada.

The plaque read:


Governor-General : David JOHNSTON

Prime Minister : Jean CHAREST

Political regime: Constitutional monarchy

Sorry guys! Charest almost made to prime minister, but not quite.

And wait ‘til Harper finds out he got demoted somewhere below Charest.

Enjoy the photo and a tip of the hat to Robitaille.


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