Voting into a deep hole in Toronto

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Totally erroneous, totally misleading

Some voters in Trinity-Spadina riding were sent Elections Canada post cards telling them to vote at Poll 060 in Msgr Fraser School at 486 Shaw Street.

But when they got there, there was just a hole in the ground – no Msgr Fraser school, no polling station. 

A nearby sign read:  “Coming here shortly, 32 beautiful condos.” (Hey, that’s Toronto. What did you expect?)

The Roman Catholic diocese had sold the property to developers who didn’t waste any time tearing down the school, but nobody had told Elections Canada.

One of people milling about pulled out a computer and contacted Elections Canada which messaged back “Is there level access at your polling station?” Now that’s useful.  

One look into the hole answered that question.

Finally somebody discovered the polling station had moved to 319 Ossington Street, which was not a hole in the ground.

No wonder they say in Toronto that everything they send to Ottawa goes into a deep, dark hole in the ground.



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