Liberals discover Jack Layton

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A week to go and the Liberals have finally realized that Jack Layton is a serious threat. They must have read the polls, or something.

So they decide to put Layton in the same dumpster as Stephen Harper. One fellow as bad as the other, the Liberals say.

They crank out a new ad that labels both Layton and Harper as “career politicians.”  That’s bad? Sounds like a compliment to me.

Isn’t experience worth something, and more experience worth more?

Is being a “career politician” worse than “Just Visiting” as Harper keeps telling us about Michael Ignatieff. 

In the U.S. they have a law against presidents serving more than two terms. Supposedly you aren’t supposed to want to stay on. Even if the electorate wants, as they did with Bill Clinton.

Out you go!  Go write your memoirs. Or a hockey book.

Hey, that would be a great way to get rid of Harper.  Steve, you’ve already served two terms. Go write your hockey book.

The new Liberal attack on the Layton-Harper “career” twins features 30-minutes of paid commercial time on television, broadcast live this week across the nation.

We also seethe other side -- Ignatieff and his charming wife seated in their campaign bus, the picture of marital bliss.

Wait and see, we’ll soon be getting Harper and his own charming wife, Laureen, standing close together, over and over.  No better way of showing a leader as a family man, in true marital continuity after all these years.

Nobody wants to be outdone in this campaign.  Olivia Chow is already following hubby Jack all over the place, even at the risk of falling behind in her own Trinity-Spadina riding in Toronto.

Back to the Liberal ad. It shows Harper and Layton as the evil twins who destroyed Ken Dryden’s national childcare program back in 2005, who voted against tougher gun laws, and against the Liberals’ pollution-control legislation.

The new Liberal ad is aimed more at Layton, passing him off as a sort of “Harper Light” politician, but who is, in the end, just as mean and dangerous.

Supposedly that leaves us only one guy to vote for – Michael Ignatieff.

Remains to be seen what will be the impact.





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